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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kerr Lake- Tuesday

Grace and I slept in my tent that I brought from Denver. Luckily I don't care too much about what I look like in the morning. My face actually was really broken out when I got there. Photoshop is the only reason why my face looks semi clear in these photos:) It's funny, by the end of the lake my face was almost clear! I would have never thought being dirty would help clear up my face. I guess next time it breaks out again I'll just have to fly home and drive to the lake!

My hammock has became more popular in the last couple of years. I've had it for probably 4 or 5 years now. It's the best hammock I've ever laid on in my entire life! I think up to four people have laid on this hammock at one time....it's crazy BIG!

Upside down Grace! The sun was setting, so the lighting was really nice.

Allison enjoyed swinging in my hammock.

This face trips me out!

We went out for a boat ride and had are first day of knee boarding! Allison enjoyed the ride on the boat!

We passed the Hardy boat while we were out riding around.

My bro getting a little air on the hydro-slide (knee board)

My brother is usually the one that thinks of new things to do on the knee board. We don't have a wake board, so I guess standing up on the knee board is the next best thing:)

Grace was able to pull herself up on the knee board this year! She's got her serious face on here...

Allison wouldn't always smile for me...She's cute even when she frowns.

Kay & Matt

Bronco, doing what he does best....SLEEPING!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kerr Lake- Monday

Oh the joys of the lake! It's the time of year that we (meaning my family and friends) look forward too. Monday's are usually days where not much is going on. Everybody is setting up there campers and tents. When evening comes around we hang out by the campfire. I brought my voice recorder this year and was able to get some footage. A few of us are working on a "lake project" that I think as potential of being really awesome!

The journey to the lake began at RDU when Kathy picked me up. We loaded my stuff up and headed to the lake.

I spotted a Cookout in Durham, so I asked Kathy if we could stop there. It had been over a year since I've tasted the yumminess of a push-up pop milkshake! Boy, was it GOOD!

First sign of Henderson:) YAY! The lake actually seemed in reach! Every year when the lake is over we're all a little sad. If it wasn't for Carolina basketball to fill in some of that in between time, I'd go crazy waiting for the lake to get here!

My mom didn't stay for the week, but she came up the first day to help my dad set things up.

Our boat waiting to get into the water!

My dad relaxing after getting the camper setup.

My cousin, Grace, came up for the week! She's became a part of the whole "crew." I think from now on they'll just expect her to be there. I love how she just fits in with any age group:) She rocks!

She made this face a lot through out the week!

A nice refreshing pepsi!

Awwww.....it's my best friend Matt and his dad Billy. They're pretty much family.

My brother, his girlfriend, and Allison (her little girl) came up for the week too. They brought little Bronco along. I promise he's really not as scary as his teeth appear! He's a lazy bum.

A view of the trees from the inside of my camper.

My cousin and I like to create silly photos. Here are a couple of them:

Monday was the only day that it rained, which is unusual for the lake!

Allison was a little cuttie! I got to see a side of her that I've never seen before:) She's so funny to be around. Her laughter is contagious!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wedding 4

I shot this wedding the Saturday before I went to the lake. It was a very long day! Spending time with the groomsmen is always very interesting. So far they've always listened to me though. This is the fourth wedding I've shot with Sara. We have another one coming up on the 11th. That one is also going to be a very long day!
Getting Ready.... (or faking getting ready)
A few shots of of his Usher and groomsmen
The Groomsmen...
Flower girl...
Watching his "soon to be" bride walk down the aisle
Here comes the bride....
The groom went in for another bite. I thought this was really funny!
Father & Daughter dance.
The wedding party...