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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home- Monday

Well, sadly my time in North Carolina was coming to and end. I woke up at 5am to take a shower and pack. I went and picked up Roo Roo (Kristi) at 6:45 and headed to Ihop. Unfortunately Ihop opened at 8am, so we went to Bojangles. We met our friends Delight and Brandie. I was stoked that I was able to see pretty much all of my close friends while I was home. I miss these guys a lot!

Delight (pictured above) just got engaged! Here is a picture of her beautiful ring!

I wish I could have stayed longer. I never want to go back to the "real world" after a vacation. Luckily I'll be home next month to see all of my "lake" crew.

Home Sweet Home- Sunday

Sunday I woke up and went to church with my family. This was the first morning that I actually got to sleep in a little bit. I stayed on Colorado time the whole trip...though I was able to go to bed by 12am, b/c I was just so darn tired!

After church we ate a good oh southern meal at mema's. I had requested BBQ, like always! It was perfect! I wish I could have ate more, b/c I know there were a lot of leftovers. My little cousin (who is not really so little any more) and her friend Kristina (not sure if that's how she spells her name) were my two models for the afternoon! We had a good time playing outside.

Grace and I convinced mema to be dorky with us!

People that haven't seen my crazy side are missing out:) My mema is who I typically blame for this side of me.

My papa's rooster and pig tattoo, on his ankle's, are two of my favorite. He has a big ship on his arm, but that is not pictured. He was in the Navy, so he had a lot of tattoo's. The funny thing is, later in life he became a pastor. He would always wear long sleeve shirts to cover up the "lady" tattoo's :)

This is one of his "lady" tattoo's. I believe it is Roy Roger's wife. He said Buck Roger's, but I believe Buck Rogers is a comic character?!? This was all new information to me. It was cool to hear about what each of his tattoo's meant.

Amanda and Amy stopped by so I could see them one more time before I headed out on Monday. We really do all look like sisters...maybe it's the blonde hair. We're probably one of the few natural blonde's left!

I went to the house and waited for Chris to pick me up after I hung out with my fam. My brother wanted me to take a few shots of the dogs. Winchester is the new addition to the family. It's hard to believe that Buster is ONLY a year old! Buster is getting so BIG! It was really cute to watch the two interact with each other. They look like brothers!

I spent the rest of my evening at Chris' family's house. I met his mom, dad, grandma, and Jess' fiance. I had already knew Jess from high school. I had a good time...we ate big juicy steaks and played taboo. Next time maybe I'll get to talk to his dad more about Carolina basketball:)

Home Sweet Home - Saturday

I spent the morning with Matt and Kay at Cracker Barrel. I'm glad I got to hang out with them for a couple of hours. Luckily I'll be home again soon and will get to spend more time with them.

Sadly I have no pictures for this day:( What is this world coming to! It was nice to just relax at the wedding. I did keep my eye on the photographer a lot though! Chris picked me up and met my parents...that went pretty well. I'll just have to get over that all parents can embarrass there kids no matter what age!

Brian's wedding was beautiful. There were a few things I had never seen done at a wedding before. Chris got to meet the rest of my "family"...meaning all of my church people that I grew up with. I got to speak with Brian a little more after the wedding. I don't know what came over me, but I started crying while talking with him. I did not cry during the whole wedding, but right at that moment something hit me. I think it's just the fact that we're all growing up. I really do miss the old youth group days! We had a lot of fun times together. Oh, I forgot to mention I wore the dress that grandma (Amy's grandma) gave me. It was a dress that grandma's mom got from a rich lady that she use to work for. I had to pin the dress up quite a bit though. It was still fun to wear a dress from the 50's (?). I think I may have to put it to rest though...it has a small place that is starting to tear.

After the wedding was all over, and another friend was married, we (Amie, Chris, and myself) went to Wilson and watched 1408 at the movies! Thanks to Amie we got in for free:) I like scary movies, so I thought it was pretty good.

PS- I'll try to get Amie to mail me a couple of pictures from the wedding:)

Home Sweet Home- Friday

Friday morning Maria came over to my house and we drove to Wilson to go see Amie. When we got there we went and ate breakfast at Bojangles. My stomach wanted me to eat everything!

We spent some time chatting and catching up an Amie's house. It was nice just to relax and spend some quality time with my friends.

We stayed there until about 1:30. When I got home I had to start getting ready for Brian's rehearsal dinner. I rode up there with my other family...the Blanton's. I've known Amy since we were 5 and Amanda all of her life! We STILL live in the same neighborhood together. I'm glad they haven't left me yet:)
The rehearsal dinner was fun. It was nice getting to see people I haven't seen between 6 months and a year! I miss that group of people a lot! My youth leader and his wife were there. I'm glad we got to sit at the same table with them and catch up some. Their little girl is a trip! My only regret from this night was I didn't really get a lot of pictures. I felt really bad about this. I didn't really get to speak to Brian long, but I finally bet his "wife." She seems like a really sweet person.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Sweet Home - Thursday

After I hung out with Chris on Wednesday I drove to Raleigh and stayed with my friend Kathy. I got an awesome belated b-day present...DUNK-A-ROOS! They're basically little cookies that you dip in icing. Kathy and I use to love these and we couldn't find them any more. I was pretty stoked about them. I brought one box here and left the rest at home to take to the Lake. I'm glad I got a chance to hang out with Kathy for a little bit!

Thursday morning I drove back to Chapel Hill. I stopped by Hardee's to get a cheese and jelly biscuit (and no I didn't eat them together!). I headed over to the the church and waited for my friend Jessica to get there. She wanted me to take some photographs of her on the campus of UNC, where she graduated. I had a lot of fun.

After the shoot we grabbed a bite from McAlister's. It's been forever since I've had a baked potato and a large cup of sweet tea from there! It was yummy!

Jessica headed out after that. When Chris got back to his apartment we went to Duke Gardens. I bought him a UNC shirt and he wore it there. He didn't think about all the weird looks he might get....but I did of course:) I was all for him wearing the shirt! Duke Gardens was really nice. It made me feel really out of shape though! That was the first time I had ever been there or any where near the Duke campus...and not b/c of my dislike of Duke basketball!

We walked over to campus and checked out Duke Chapel. Everybody always said it was amazing, and I will admit it was pretty cool.

We left Duke Gardens and got ready to go out! First notice the BEAUTIFUL Carolina shirt Chris is wearing. I will also say I did not force Chris to iron my dress:) He was already ironing...I probably wouldn't have even bothered to iron my dress anyway. He's just a good boyfriend!

I bought him this shirt. I thought it looked quite nice!

After we went out for dinner I headed to Rocky Mount. I brought home three boxes of leftovers and a piece of chocolate cake! I have never seen so much food in my life! It was very delicious though.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home - Wednesday

I just got back from a fun filled trip in North Carolina. I arrived in Raleigh on Wednesday. My parents were nice enough drop off a car for me at the airport. I headed to Chapel Hill to hang out with my boyfriend, Chris.

He lives in this Church on Franklin street. We climbed up to the top of the steeple. I will admit I was a little afraid to climb of the stairs...they seemed never ending. This particular set of stairs freaked me out the most. I didn't look up or down to see how close or far I was to reaching the top.

The Sun was setting over Franklin Street. I'll give Chris credit for this picture, because he took it:)

I made Chris pose for a few "chair" pictures. For whatever reason I have a thing for small chairs!

I really like this picture a lot.

The Church Chris lives in is pretty cool. It's called University Methodist Church. For those of you who are familiar with Franklin Street, it's located right beside of Schoolkids Records! I'm so jealous of him, he's living in my dream place...for free at that:)