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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trip to Ashville

Chris & I spend almost 2 full days in Asheville, NC last week. It was a very nice getaway for the two of us! We woke up really early Thursday morning and drove to downtown Asheville. We didn't really know what to expect from downtown, but when I did my research it seemed cool!

Our first stop was a used bookstore. Chris found 2 books and I found 0. It was still a cool little local store though!

I liked the sign to the bathroom that just says "there." The lady did state that the bathroom was over "there." I also took this self-portrait in the bathroom!

Chris bought this cool button from this weird hippie store.

We went to quite a few antique stores while we were there. I only bought a couple of things, b/c most of them were too expensive! I did really like this painting of the Photographer and the person in the background with the gun :) It was $600 so I had to pass!

We ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We discovered that if you buy the pizza by the slice that it has probably been sitting around for awhile. You could tell they added a little cheese to the top to make it look "fresh." I'd recommend ordering their pizza fresh!

Chris was better at keeping the straw mustache on than I was!

Chris HAD to stop at this wood shop for a picture :) Do you know why? The picture of me was taken at a little shop next door.

That night we ate dinner at this great Irish pub. The food was might tasty!

We splurged on dunkin' donuts for dessert!

The next day we packed up and snagged a few shots at the hotel. Chris was watching "The Fresh Prince."

We went back downtown for a little bit.

We ate lunch at this good Japanese restaurant downtown. We got a lot of food for a very good price!

Of course I have to have dessert. I spotted a local bakery that we dropped in for a sweet treat!

Once we left downtown we headed to the Mountains. It was pretty rainy and foggy, but it turned out to be a really cool drive!

We want to move to Batcave one day :)

We stopped by this cute antique shop in Batcave.

We like...

We passed quite a few Baptist Churchs along the way!

I like the moodiness of this shot!

We drove up to Chimney Rock Park, but sadly the waterfall was closed and it was raining. It's about a 40 minute walk up and you can see about 40 miles out. It seems like a really cool place. Hopefully we can make it back out there sometime. I still got a few cool shots of the scenery that we passed along the way!

It started raining harder by this point, but I had to get a couple shots of us...Chris took the one of me of course :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I spent a little time on Sunday with little Ms. Ava. I'm so glad her mom, Jennifer, contacted me about doing a photo shoot with her daughter. Ava just turned one, so it's a big deal to be a part of that big celebration in her life! Her brother Gavin was there also. I snagged a few shots of him, but he preferred to stay away from the camera :)

I knew my pink chair would be perfect for this shoot! Ava even matched perfectly! Isn't she adorable?

Our Photo Shoot was at the Imperial Centre, so we went inside for a few shots.

I love these shots of Ava & Gavin playing together. They both did a very good job of working together and sharing!

It was such a nice day that we were able to go back out for a few more shots. I'm so glad that Spring is in the air!

This is my favorite shot of the day! What a great smile Ava has! I love her little teeth!

I couldn't help but get a few shots of this handsome boy! The only reason he was sitting so still was that he got distracted by people walking by.