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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Amy's Housewarming Party

I threw a Housewarming Party for one of my closest friends, Amy! She recently moved into her first home. Our original party was actually postponed due to snow. The rescheduled date turned out to be a very nice day! I'm so happy for Amy and her new "home" adventure. Her house is so cute and of course well decorated!
Here are a few images from her party! There was a lot of food and I couldn't help but to document it all :)

There's no party without a picture of the girls!

Carol & my mom helped me out a lot with the party and that help was greatly appreciated! I honestly couldn't have done it without them. There were a few other great helpers that day too! Thank you to everyone who teamed up to prepare food or clean up! Here's a pic of the mom's with Amy, Kay & Amy, and me & Amy!

Kay showed up a little later so she didn't make it to the group shot, but I'm just glad she was able to make it! It was a floating party :)

Plus, some of the girls missed out on this!

Lastly, here is a cute picture of Amy in front of her house!

I'll leave you with what you can look forward to with Twenty Two Photo!
1. Matt & Kay Family Photo Shoot
2. Kelly & Brooks Engagement Shoot
3. ALL of my family Day Photo Shoots

Monday, April 5, 2010

The combo on life...

I haven't had much motivation to write blogs lately. I usually will just post pictures here and there on facebook. Here is a basic summary (not in any type of order) to fill in my life in the last couple of months (give or take some moments, which I still may share):

1. Visit with my friend Kerri in King, NC. We went to Pilot Mountain and took a little walk for a bit. We also did a few other things that aren't pictured like the antique store, mall, cookout, watched a movie, and just hung out :)

We also enjoyed this HUGE pizza together!

If I'm not mistaken this was a flour mill. It's this really cool building with shops now. They also have local artist that work here!

2. When Chris & I went to Asheville he was inspired by all of the walking sticks, so he decided to make his own! Now he has a little piece of Chapel Hill to take with him on our next life adventure! I am very proud of him for his hard work that he put into this! It's pretty awesome!

3. Karen Wiggs married this kid name Garrett. I still don't really know him, but if the Wiggs family likes him he must be a good kid :) I didn't take many pictures, b/c I usually just let the photographer do their thing. I do hate I didn't get a picture of our good friends Tommy, Jeanne, & Kristen!
Karen was a beautiful bride...

I was also glad I got to spend a little time with some of my girls!

Of course I was happy that Chris was there with me:)

4. We celebrated Kay, Delight, and my birthday a few weeks back. The day started with Amy & Kay coming up. We went for a walk around Chapel Hill. I took them to this huge tire swing that is nearby!

Amy & Kay at the Forest Theater. This is such a fun place to see a play. I'd recommend the puppet show that comes here at least once a year.

Our walking adventure took us to the castle! This is a fun little walk :)

We met Delight & Maria at the mall for our B-day dinner! All around it was a great time with friends! I won't discuss our b-day dessert ;)

5. Chris & I went for a Sunday stroll on Franklin Street. It's very very rare that we are home on a Sunday afternoon. Chris & I explored and went to this cute little park area. There were so many clovers around that I couldn't resist to look for a four leaf clover! Chris thought I was crazy until I found one! He has never found one, which I thought was crazy! Too bad my wish didn't come true!

Chris being CHRIS! :) That's my husband!

PS: This is for you, Kerri! :)