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Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, we have finally settled into our place! Yes, Chris did already live here, but we rearranged basically everything so you can't even tell it's the same place. For those of you who don't know, we live in a Church. The Church is right dead on Franklin Street and UNC Chapel Hill campus. I've always said I wanted to live in Chapel Hill at least once in my life, but I never thought I'd get to live on Franklin Street (for FREE at that!). We have access to all the Carolina shops, plenty of restaurants, hiking trails, and just a 15 minute walk to the Dean Dome!

This is our kitchen. It is located right outside of our main room. It's very difficult to fit two people in this space, especially when cooking. We definitely used every corner and space you can possibly think of!

Here is the new and improved Bedroom/Living Room/Office Space! For those of you that had the privilege to see it beforehand it looks a bit different (some sarcasm in that statement!). I believe it has a great touch of both Chris and I's personality:)

Our bathroom is connected to the main room. It's a fairly large bathroom, but we had to create some extra storage space! I love the blue walls and tile in the bathroom. By the way the Sanctuary in the Church is also Carolina blue:)

The only space not pictured is the closet. We packed that to the MAX!!! I can't even believe we got what we did in there. It's a walk in closet, so that's a plus! It was too dark and my flash sucks so I just didn't bother taken photo's of it! Chris thinks I'm silly for organizing my shirts my color and style (meaning tank tops or short sleeves). I'm a neat freak!!!

Hope you enjoy a little peak into our place!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Engagement: Lisa & Michael

I had a wonderful time photographing Lisa & Michael! They were a lot of fun and very EASY to photograph! I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding this summer:)

This is a long post, so hopefully it makes up for some lost time! More coming soon!