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Monday, September 24, 2007

My Moms Trip to Colorado..Sunday-Tuesday

We drove up to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park for the day. The first thing we did was ate a bite! We seemed to have perfect timing b/c it rained while we enjoyed burgers at Penelope's. They have awesome homemade fries there.

We couldn't resist the smell of cookies after lunch. I'm always up for dessert!

I'm not sure the name of these plants, but the red vibrant color caught my eyes.

We saw an amazing rainbow while we were there. The weather was crazy that day....rain, wind, and sun shine!

After I had been in the crazy wind...

The leafs are changing up in the Mountains! The Yellow Aspen trees are the most noticeable. The Aspen trees are just amazing when the leafs start to change.

We got back late Sunday night, b/c I made a wrong turn and we had to back track. When we got home we were starving (or at least I was). My mom and I fixed cheeseburgers and broccoli. It was all worth the wait.
Monday we had planned to go to down to Colorado Springs, but the weather was kinda of iffy. We decided to hit up the outlet mall that is in between Denver and CO Springs. Kerri was able to go with us. It was the first time I've been to this outlet, and I really enjoyed it. When we got back to Denver my mom and I ate supper with Annette at Parisi's. It was good to catch up with Annette.
My mom flew out on Tuesday morning. Then I had to back to the real world...WORK!

My Moms Trip to Colorado..Thursday-Saturday

My mom came up and visited from the 13th-18th. We had a lot of fun spending time together. She arrived late Thursday night. We took some time and stopped to get something to eat from TGIF.

Friday I had to get up early and work. As soon as I got home my mom and I headed to the family's house for supper. I'm glad my mom got the opportunity to meet Randy, Sherri, and Zach. Sherri fixed a delicious dinner and brownie's for dessert!

On Saturday we went Downtown. We took the light rail so we wouldn't have to deal with parking.

I showed my mom were I use to live and we at lunch at Rodizio's. She was very open to this new experience. Rodizio's is a very fun place to eat...if you're a meat eater:)
They serve you meat on these skewers. When you're ready for them to bring more meat over you flip this gadget over to the green side. If you need a break you flip it to the red side!

I got a strawberry lemonade, which they use limes in Brazil. It's quite a refreshing drink!
These are just a few shots I took on the light rail, on the way back to my car.

This steakhouse seemed to be in a random location. It's actually a historical restaurant, going back to Buffalo Bill's times, in 1893. It's the oldest restaurant in Denver. I'm hoping to try it out soon!
That night we went to see "License to Wed" at the $2 theater.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mister Anton

I got a shiner from this cute little face:) He likes to jump up and down. As I was standing up from the ground he jumped and hit his head hit right below my right eye! I was amazed at how fast I had a knot and a bruise under my eye! It's pretty funny that it looks like I got beat up by a 31/2 year old!

Anton has this cool little egg that sounds like a bell when you shake it.

It's me:)

Anton rocking out his sax!

Anton's parents have a garden in their backyard. Here are a few of the tomatoes from their garden.

I was just playing around with my camera. This yogurt is quite delicious though!

Jinji Butt...

I took a few shots of Jinji the day I went and shot Scott, Stephanie, and Eliana. He was my practice model!