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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ben Folds...

I have been sitting here today not doing too much of anything useful. I typically don't sit in front of a computer for endless hours on the internet, but today and most of this week I have.

While checking out upcoming artist Sara Bareillis I saw she had a show with Ben. This lead me to go to Ben's site to see if he was playing any local tours. I haven't been to many shows lately and I'm so READY! Too bad he wasn't coming around here.

The purpose of this blog is I saw that Ben had some of his photographs that he took and I was highly impressed....I'd hang his work on my wall:)

Slideshow 1
Slideshow 2

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Addicted to Photog Blogs...

I check out some of my favorite Photographer's blogs EVERY DAY! I think it's just an inspiration for me. I could probably sit here on my computer for 45 mins. just looking at blogs:)

Here's a few random shots from yesterday.

Sometimes I have to be my own model if I want to do some test shots.

Ps: I really feel like I'm resizing my images correctly, so if anybody has any suggestions please let me know! It's just frustrating to see the images look a little pixely when I know they're not:(

Mema's Birthday!

Mema celebratedher 78th Birthday this past Saturday! Whoo Hoo! My aunt Maxine and her husband drove down from Virginia to spend the day with Mema & Papa. Maxine's husband made mema a Birthday cake to celebrate. They also picked some fresh flowers for the cake:)
Mema thinks it's funny when I say she's cute, but she is!
(hate that this looks a little
pixely on here)

I think she thought I was kidding when I told her that we were going to light the candles so she could blow them out:) What's a Birthday without blowing out the candles!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Words...

I added a link to my Photo information! I can't afford to add a wedding section to my website, as of now, so I made a little slideshow. If you know anybody that is getting married or wants Family Photo's taken please send them my way! I'm counting on my friends and family to help spread the word!! I've realized how important word of mouth can be in this Business!! :)

Also, mark March 31st down on your calender all of you Rocky Mount/Nashville/Wilson folks. I will have my art work up at Via Cappuccino for two months starting on that date!!!

If any of you have blogs send them along so I can link them from my site!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tea Party

I spent yesterday with Kaylene & Maria over at Mema's house. We had a little Tea Party! It was a lot of fun having that fellowship time with my friends. We're about to start a Bible Study next month, and I'm really excited!!!
I love my mema's China set!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I added some new images on to my website! Hopefully in a month or two I will be adding a Wedding Section and changing over all of my Colorado stuff to North Carolina:)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Spending Time With Grace!

One thing that I really enjoy about being back in Rocky Mount is that I get to spend more time with my Cousin Grace! She came over to Mema's house Saturday and we had a little sleepover!

We went to the Art Museum (which is amazing) and Movies (27 Dresses) on Saturday. Then we just headed back to mema's house to chill. We watched another version of Alice and Wonderland, that we had picked up from the Library. We decided to make a late night snack after the movie, and baked yummy double threat lemon cupcakes. I believe my favorite part of her visit were the facials, toenail painting, watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark" episodes I have burned to a dvd, and CRIMPING Grace's hair!

Here is a little before shot!

Oh, the fun days of crimping hair are still alive! Maybe it should die out, but it sure is fun to relive the 80's every once in a while. I still have my original crimper that I used as a kid! I don't think Grace cared too much about this new style I gave her. I told her she should wear it like that to school, but that answer was a big "NO!"

Silly Girl

Allison was over at the house yesterday. What and EXPRESSION:) It appears she may just eat the little toy kitty! GRRRRRR! She's such a cuttie!

Little Feet, Big Feet!

A Few More Engagement Ring Shots...

I can't really compare my Engagement ring to all of my other silly rings:)