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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...

You know you can't help but to sing that song when you think about Kung Fu!!! Chris recently got a new belt in Kung Fu. It was about a 6 hours test, but I'm really glad I was able to be apart of it. Chris and the rest of the group did a great job!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kerr Lake Weekend

It only feels appropriate to post a few "pre" lake pictures:) Last month a few of us took a weekend trip to the lake. It was a nice little escape before our real lake trip which is TOMORROW!!! YES!

Thanks for letting me get all up in your face, Kay!! Reflections are fun!

I believe Matt was enjoying his moment in the spotlight!!

Miles loved the lake! He will be spending the whole week with us and I'm sure he will never want to return home after a week at the lake! He was a cute little swimmer.

I can't tell if this is a real smile or fake smile:) I take pictures of Chris all the time and I know he gets tired of it! It's still a cute picture nonetheless!

This tree is CRAZY!!!

I had rented a super awesome wide angle lens, but it was still hard to manage to get 7 people in a frame by holding my arm out! Luckily I do have long arms and I managed to get one good one:) This first one is not classified as the good one, but I just had to post it!!! Too bad I didn't catch the rest of Chris' expression:)

Kevin recently bought a wakeboard for us to play with!!! Even though not pictured Paula did also rock the wakeboard!!! I was able to get up twice, but after that I struggled. I never could exactly figure out the one thing I was doing wrong, but I shall try again!!!

Matt & Kay were the odd balls that got milkshakes. We still love them though!

As I always say to my fellow lake goers "See ya at the Lake!"

6 Flags

I went with Chris and his youth group to 6 flags back in April. I meant to post these a while back. I just had my mom point and shoot digital camera...better than nothing:)