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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Summary--what a year (good and bad)!!!

2008 Summary (order may not be 100% accurate and all details not included)


Spent New Years with Matt, Kay, & Amy
Big move from CO to NC- Kevin and I flew down and mom and dad drove-we all drove back!!
Moved in with mema and papa
Began process of looking for a job
Wedding Planning began

Still no “real” job
Tried to get organized
Worked 1 week at Wood’s Machine’s- temp job


Budapest trip- first trip out of Country with Kathy, visiting Paula
Matt’s granddad passed away
UNC ACC Champions
Engagement Shoot
Engagement Party—Kerri visited
Found a “real” job


My birthday
Carolina got tore up by Kansas in the Final Four—sang “friends our friends forever” on ride to Kathy’s with friends
Dad passed away

May, June, July, August

Williamsburg trip
Delight’s wedding
Mom, Chris, and Kevin’s b-day
Visited Kerri
Visited Dana
Mini Lake trip
Lake Trip—weird w/o dad
Dark Knight –saw IMAX opening night

September, October, November, December

Dad’s b-day—we went out to eat to celebrate his life
Cleaned out mom’s attic and house
Yard Sale
Mountain Trip
Thanksgiving- first Thanksgiving in 2 years that I was home in NC—first major Holiday w/o dad
Painting mom’s house
Visited Tommy & Jeanne
Melinda and Jason had a baby—Mariah!!
Dana’s wedding
Basketball season began- #1
Still lots of wedding planning
Jessica’s wedding
Christmas ornament shower
Christmas Eve- spent with mom, bro, and Adam’s family-spent night at their house
Christmas Day- ate breakfast and opened gifts with Adam’s family, saw Marley & Me with Grace, mom, and Sharon, and ate dinner with mom’s side (uncle, new wife, and cousins were there too)
Mema Robbins passed away
Finally posted slideshow of Budapest trip
Spending New Years with Matt, Kay, Amy, & Maria

Tomorrow will be a New Year....a wedding, many trips, and so many more life adventures that I can't even imagine...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Budapest Slideshow

I finally had time to finish up a few slideshows from my trip to Budapest back in March! There is no sound to these slideshows, so I'd either recommend going to Pandora.com or putting on some fun upbeat music to go along with the slideshow:) I personally enjoy watching them with Relient K in the background, but that's just me! I have sounds that I recorded while I was there. My hope is to eventually create the slideshows to the actual "Sounds of Budapest."Make sure you turn the captions on in order to see any notes I may have written under the pictures....

Budapest 1
Budapest 2
Budapest 3
Budapest 4
Budapest 5

So, I guess I do have a few pictures to show...but you just want see any new Holiday pictures for quite a few weeks to come:)

**Note there are a few spelling errors, so please look pass those:)**


It may be a while before I can post any pictures. I only have a couple of images that I'll probably share soon. I got a new camera, but I can't seem to open them up in the Photoshop that I have. I shoot in RAW format, so you can't just open them with any program. I believe I am going to have to breakdown and purchase the latest Photoshop to get it to work. I guess it was going to have to happen sooner or later!!

Today is kinda a weird day. My dad's mom passed away Saturday night. She was Mema Robbins to me. Everyone calls her Marie, but her first name is actually Ramona (which I love). I didn't have a really close relationship with her, but I still loved her. It doesn't quite seem real since I haven't really seen her much over the last few years. It is nice to know that she is no longer in any pain. She will be missed....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shara & Kristian

I had the pleasure of working with Martha Manning Photography a few weeks back. I've linked a slideshow of the wedding we shot together in Chapel Hill! I had a lot of fun and hope to shoot a few more weddings with her in the future!

Shara & Kristian

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Ornament Shower

My good friend Amy threw me a Christmas Ornament Shower this past weekend! It was for my bridesmaids, their mothers, and all of my mema's. I had such a great time! You can really tell how well my friends and family know us:)
Yummy treats that Amy prepared for us...

It's jello if you're wondering and I have no clue how she made them swirl.

Delight's mom made the cheeseball...

I regret not taken any of this yummy cake home with me:)

A few of my favorite fruits.

I always know that Amy's cupcakes and cakes will be superb!

I thought these were fun!

Here are a few non-ornament cute gifts that we recieved. The cross is an ornament...

My friend and her mom made this awesome UNC Ramses snowman for me!!!

I love these little camping ornaments!!!

My mema's bought me these two.

My soon to be Mother-n-law bought us this. I love "A Christmas Story!"

Film camera...
Digital Camera...I love the added touch that Kerri added:)

Chris is going to love these ornaments that Amy picked up for us!

We got this great case to put all of our ornaments in!!

Kerri created this cute Christmas card.

Ms. Hostess herself...Amy and her mom, Carol.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wicked Whoopies

Hopefully I'll get another chance to try out these sweet treats from Wicked Whoopies. Melinda is actually who got us hooked on these. She used to make the homemade for us!
Look at this yummy treats. I ate the Vanilla Bean whoopie and tried a bite of the Chocolate Chip. I hear the other ones are pretty good too!


After Maria's bday celebration I headed up to Chris' place (yes, it was a busy 2 days!). He was out of town, so I had a little me time that night and most of Sunday. Kathy, Kevin (bro), Jeff, and I went to the UNC game that evening. We had a lot of fun! After the game we played a little ping pong at the Church, in their Youth Group room.

I had about 40ish pictures to share, so I created a slideshow:


I hope you enjoy:)

Maria's Birthday Celebration

After Mariah's baby shower a group of my closest friends went to PF Chang's, in Raleigh, to celebrate Maria's Birthday.

No cars were harmed, but I did have to climb out the other door.

We bought Maria whoopie pies in all different flavors. They were very delicious. I wish I could have tried every flavor!!!

It's a very rare moment when we get all of us girls together. Meet 8 of my bridesmaids:) Isn't it hard to believe that I actually have 7 more!!!!

Baby Mariah's Shower

I was so glad to finally meet my good friend, Melinda's, new little baby, Mariah! Melinda lives in Florida, so we don't get to see her very often. She came home for Thanksgiving and had a baby shower here in NC.

Melinda was the first to move out of state, first to get married, and the first to have a baby:) Look how precious her little girl is!

Thanksgiving Day

I was so glad to have a day off of work and spend time with my family. We had a really nice Thanksgiving. I even sat at the table, which is very rare. A lot of times I would sit at the bar. Later I began to think about why I was sitting at the table and I realized it was b/c my dad wasn't there. I truly wish he was here. I miss him! We made the best of the day. After lunch Sharon, Grace, mom, and I went to the movies. It was really nice spending time with them.

Grace has been my model for many years now! She makes it's easy, b/c she just to darn cute! I love my little cousin to death!