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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Roo Roo's in town!!

My good buddy, Kristi, was in Colorado Springs for a few days with her good friend, Meredith. Meredith is a singer, she flew over to sing praise and worship at this church in CO Springs. Her name is Meredith Andrews...and everybody should check her out on myspace:)

I drove down on Friday and spent the day there. Kristi and I drove to the Garden of the Gods. I had never been there, so it was cool to finally get to check it out. It was a really beautiful day! I'm glad we got to spend a little time together.

Can you find the Kissing Camels?

We had a few minutes to frolic around in the field!

I like being silly with Kristi (Roo Roo).

Hopefully when I move back home I will get to see more of this lady!

After Garden of the Gods we went back to the hotel. Kristi, Meredith, and myself went to Chipotle. Their burritos never fail to fill me up! After that we hung out at the hotel and watched "Law and Order." We headed to Chile's for supper. Then we came back and continued to watch "Law and Order"...so addictive:) Around 10pm I headed back home.

Today I decided to drive back up. I went to the church were Meredith was leading worship. I'm glad I got a chance to hang out with Kristi a little more. It was nice to finally get to meet Meredith. We both have heard a lot about each other, but have never met.

We all had BIG sunglasses! I loved Kristi's story of where she got her glasses from:) Every time I eat Chinese food I will think of her sunglasses!

They're so cute!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping for the Weekend! (two day blog)

After I watched Anton on Saturday Kerri and I headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park. This was my first camping experience up in the mountains! On the way up there we stopped at Estes Park. They have a lot of cute little shops on the main strip. Most of them are candy and ice cream shops! YUM!

We didn't go to this ice cream shop that night, but we stopped by the next day. You can't really go wrong with Blue Bunny ice cream...

We didn't get to the campsite until around 9pm. Thankfully my tent doesn't require too much work. The main part of the tent pops up really easily. It's the covering that actually takes a little longer. I wish we would have got there a little bit earlier to enjoy the stars longer. They were truly breathe taking! I have never seen that many stars in my life!

We set up and hung out in the tent before going to bed. They've had a lot of bears around lately, so we had to store all of our food in the trunk of my car. We snacked a little before we went to bed! These Oreo Cakesters are great! They remind me of whoopie pies!

Kerri texting on her new LG phone...

We played around with our cameras for a bit! Photographers are silly...we take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other...:)

Here is my cute little tent!

This is the first time I've ever seen a "bear box." If you don't store your food in your car you can use one of these big boxes. When I imaged it, I imaged a wooden post with a box on it. I probably could have fit inside of this.

Good morning...

Before we drove through the RMNP we stopped at the Stanley Hotel. It's the hotel that Stephen King was inspired to write "The Shining." He also filmed the tv movie series of "The Shining" at this hotel. That's why I brought out this picture of Matt and I. We went through a "shining" stage. I love that movie! The tv movie was a little big too long...

Come and play with us...

Kerri and I in front of the hotel.

Back of hotel...

I thought this was a cool piano inside the Stanley.

I wish I could have this postcard....

We went to back to that ice cream shop after visiting the Stanley Hotel. We both got birthday cake ice cream with a strawberry cone. The cone was disgusting! We went back to complain about it and the girls didn't seem to believe us. They still went ahead and gave us a different cone (no extra ice cream). A few minutes later one of the girls came outside and was like "you were right, it was horrible." This time she brought us another scoop of ice cream:)

A girl from Rocky Mount has now made her mark on this little tourist town in Colorado.

Pretty cone, nasty taste!

We drove all the way through the park that day. It was the first time I had ever been all the way through. I was a little bummed that it rained. There were a couple of spots I would have probably stopped at otherwise. The rain did eventually stop and the skies cleared. I stopped at a spot and ate a bite. Here we met a couple that were from Asheville. They were riding their motorcycles across the US.

The chipmunks here are crazy! They'll come right up to you if they think you have food.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hanging Out with Anton

I spent the evening with Anton last Thursday. We went outside and played for a little while, before the sun went down. It's always hard to play in the sandbox during the day b/c it gets way too hot!

Cute little toes!

I've brought my Simon game over a few times. I thought it might be something Anton would enjoy once he figured it out. It is different than your typical Simon game, because this was is made for two people and it's not round. I found it at a goodwill and it was the first time I've ever seen one like this before. I'm going to keep bringing it over...I think it will be even more fun the older he gets. He's a smarty...he catches on really fast!

He was really cute eating his corn on the cob! He got it all over his face:)

We were playing a little game I made up called Tickle Bug!
Snack time!

Anton looked sooooo adorable in his striped pj's.

He likes jumping up as high as he can...doing single, double, and triple jumps! He's getting ready for a big one!

Sleepy time!

I'm not sure how he sleeps like this, but he seems to be comfy:)