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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Family

Here are a few pictures of my Colorado family:) I lived with Randy and Sherri while on my internship. Sherri was my mom when I was sick! They were a huge part of my life while I was in Colorado...and will always be! Cayla and Zack were not in these photo's because they had left for the weekend!

Sherri, Me, & Randy

Sherri's parents and myself

The Best Comic Book EVER!

On Christmas Eve Chris & I went to City Lake, so he give me my Christmas present. It was all wrapped up in a box. I had no clue what it was going to be, because it was very light. It turned out to be this really awesome Comic book that Chris & his best friend Ben (artwork) created for me! This was Chris' way of proposing! It's nice to have a fiance who is thoughtful and creative:) After I read the last page Chris got on his knees and formally asked me to Marry him.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Crazy Blogger!!

Blogger is being weird! I can't get the images to do right. They seem to have a mind of their own:)

Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Chris & I went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, in Chapel Hill. Too be honest, I had no clue that this place even existed! It's actually FREE, but I'd recommend taking advantage of that during the Spring when every thing's in bloom! We still had a good time!

Super sized Chess Board!

Matt & Kay's Baby's!

Matt & Kay have three pets!! Kaylene has had Tabor since before they were married. I had the privilege of catsitting Tabor a few Summer's back. Nico is the next addition and they recently added a crazy little puppy, Miles.

Nico to be a small cat, but he grew a little wider since I've been gone. He's weird about people being around him, but deep down I think enjoy a little attention!

I hear there have been a few restless nights over at Matt & Kay's house. Miles is a cuttie, but he's all PUPPY right now!

Tabbie Baby! Yes, he is everybody's favorite. I don't know if it's because he looks so darn cute leaping over a household baby fence or his soft cuddly fur! I would say it's probably a little bit of both! I've tried to steal Tabor a few times! He's a great cat!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Matt's Birthday

I finally was home for one of Matt's Birthday's! I've been a out of city/state for the last few years. I was glad to be home this year to get to hang out with Matt, Kay, Kathy, John, & Amanda.

We started the night off at Ichiban , a Japanese restaurant in Rocky Mount. Thanks to having good friends, they helped me out with dinner (and bowling) ! I'm a poor jobless girl right now, but it's in progress. Anyways, we went bowling after we ate. Sadly John & Amanda couldn't join us. I got in trouble for using my flash. Supposedly it was effecting some of the leagues game.

Matt chilling.

Kathy chilling.

Bowling shoes are great....seriously!

The form....

And the release...

It's hard to take pictures of people bowling, because all you can see is their booty.

Kathy, Kaylene, Matt, & myself. I'm not sure what has Kathy's attention :) Focus Kathy, focus! Just kidding!

Bowling is one of those interesting games. I enjoy bowling, but I don't really like having to turn around in shame every time I get a gutter ball or what not:) We had a good time! We headed to Matt & Kay's for the Carolina game afterwards. A good night, with good friends!!

My Engagement Ring :)

The time has finally come! Here are a few shots I took of my lovely ring! Notice the beautiful detail on the sides of the ring. That is probably my favorite part of the ring. I'm not use to wearing REAL BLING!

Chris has a nice quilted comforter that I thought was a perfect background from my ring to be shot against.


Chris' favorite superhero...SUPERMAN!

It didn't take long for the chocolate to disappear after I took this shot:) He had a full box of chocolates when he left that day, but when Chris returned I had ate most of them!! I'm usually picky about what I like in boxes of chocolates, but these were incredible!

Amy's Birthday

Amy turned 26 on December 30th, so we (Amy, Amanda, Maria, and myself) went to Bahama Breeze to celebrate! This is one of my favorite places to eat around here.

Oh, the excitement!

Yummy Birthday Cheesecake!

Maria & Amy

Amanda & I

Amy, Amanda, Me, & Maria


Crazy Cat....

Monday, January 21, 2008


I'm working to make the quality of my images better on this site. I haven't been happy with the way some pictures turn out!

Anyways, more Pictures to come soon!