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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I had such a wonderful time shooting a co worker's son. His name is James and he was such a great sport! Despite that it was a little cold and windy, he would do basically anything I asked with a "yes mam." Erica, you've raised your son well:)

He won me over with his Carolina sweatshirt, blond hair, and pretty eyes!

I love this shot a lot!

He's such a handsome young boy!

I love trampolines, so I was glad we got a few shots on his trampoline!

James is a big Indiana Jones fan:)

His grandpa wanted a shot of the two of them...

Matt's Bday Part I

Matt's Birthday celebration started off with a surprise guest. Matt and Kay's good friends, Justine, Wayne & their adorable little boy drove in from Greenville. It was really nice meeting them. I can see why Matt & Kay enjoy spending time with them.

We drove To Rocky Mount for dinner at Ichiban, which is one of Matt's favorites places to eat. Kevin and Marsha met us there to join the party:)

This almost looks like a panoramic image! We can just pretend Matt had a magic hand that can separate from the arm. I believe Kevin was the only one to successful catch a piece of shrimp in his mouth. If you look closely you can see the shrimp headed towards Matt's mouth!


Our cook did a really great job that night!

Wayne and his cute little boy! I think he was amazed my all of the entertainment.

We drove abck to Matt & Kay's house for presents, cake, and the UNC game. John & Amanda also came over and joined in on the fun!

I can see why people use the phrase "I could eat him up," b/c that's how I feel about this picture!

Before we went to dinner Kay had prepared a cake for Matt. Justine and I helped with the icing! What a beautiful cake!

Matt blew the candles out before I got to take any pictures, so we made him redo it!

Present time!

Miles was very curious about about babies. I believe this may have been is first encounter:)

I loves this moment of the two of them...
The night ended with Pj's:) I love them!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Snowboarding trip to West Va

About a month ago I went on a snowboarding trip with my brother (Kevin), Kathy, and Marsha. We took a weekend trip up to Snowshoe, WV. One thing we learned on our trip is to not always trust the GPS. We discovered that she/he/it really likes the country back roads. Instead of taking highways, we ended up going through the Blue Ridge Parkway at night. We probably saw at least 8 deer. I'm sure it would have been beautiful in the day time, but it just made me feel a little woozy!

We didn't drove all the way there the first night. We stopped at a hotel that was about an hour away.

I bought a new digital camera that was very handy on this trip. I actually didn't eve use my 40D. I was very impressed with it! I will share a few pictures of the awesome camera soon:) I'm still getting use to it!

Playing around with macro on my camera...

This is the amazing scenery that we got to witness as we were driving up to the Mountain!

This was Marsha's first time snowboarding. I'm so GLAD that I am no longer in the "training" stage. Snowboarding is probably one of the most challenging sports I have ever done!

Kathy and I (and yes, I look dorky!).

It's not very often that you get a moment on the slope where no one is around. I took advantage of enjoying this moment with Kathy.

Lunch time!

Kevin and his little fo-hawk...

It was kinda weird seeing a motorcycle outside in the dead of winter...hmmmm...

Chair lefts can me freaky! I tent to like to seat o the left side of the lift, b/c when I get off I tend to automatically go to the left.

End of day one...

Marsha enjoyed some time to herself on day two, while we headed out to the slopes. It probably worked out for the best that she stayed at the hotel, b/c Kathy hurt her back and it ended up raining. Kevin and I did get a couple of runs down the slope. It started getting miserable with the rain, so we called it the day.

We went back to the hotel and ate at this little breakfast joint across the street.

On our last day we packed up and headed home. The snow was slowing beginning to melt.

This is the hotel we stayed at. This place could use a remodel, b/c it was totally 70's. We were a little disappointed that our hotel did not have a hot tub bathtub. The last time we came up we had a two bedroom and that did, but the one bedroom did not.

Overall it was a very nice trip!