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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trip to CO (beaware: this is LONG!)

Chris & I took a mini fall trip to Colorado. It was a packed full few days, but we had a great time. Chris met quite a few people while we were there. The main purpose of the trip was just to visit everyone that we could. I felt like we made our rounds:) Next time I hope to spend a little more quality time with some of these amazing people!

We haven't flown anywhere since are trip to Texas this Summer. One sign that we're getting closer to Colorado is when you start to see pac man in the field. I think all of the shapes look so cool.

We had a layover in Texas where we enjoyed a delicious pretzel.

Sherri & Cayla picked us up from the airport around 1:30pm. We headed to their house, which is where we stayed. We had a little time before our first adventure, so we made pb & j's and hung out with them.

At 4pm Chris & I ventured out to Zeb's soccer game. Well it was more like practice play time, because they didn't actually play a game. It was still a lot of fun watching him. He didn't remember who I was, but that's okay. I only babysat him for about 4 months before I moved back to NC.

We went and ate pizza with Zeb & his mom, Sheelagh. It was nice to catch up and see how their life's have been going. They seem to be doing really well.

Zeb looks the same, but he's just way taller! He has the sweetest little smile. The brownie he was eating lasted about .5 seconds! He did share with his mom though.

That night we went to bed around 9pm CO time. It had been a long day and we were extremely tired!

Our morning adventure was meeting with Annette. We stopped by her place first and then headed to this cute little coffee shop. I really do miss the connection I made with Annette when I lived there. She was a great friend and Photographer Mentor to me. I'm glad we got a chance to spend time with her and her lovable dog, Jackson.

Doesn't this look so good?!?! They make everything homemade at this coffee shop. Even their butter is homemade!

I couldn't resist taking a foot shot with these amazing leafs! You actually don't see many red leafs in Colorado, so it's always nice to spot a few.

Once we left the coffee shop we spent a little more time with Annette at her studio. I got to see some of her latest work (which was fabulous). She's a commercial Photographer and just has an amazing talent for lighting.

Chris & I went downtown after we left Annette's. We took the light rail that wasn't too far from the house that Kerri & I lived in.

Our first stop was a bookstore called Tattered Cover. After that we ate lunch at Rock Bottom. They actually have one of these in NC, but I believe they are ran by different people.

After we finished up lunch we headed a little further down 16th Street mall. Our plan was to go see Boondock Saints II. We had a little time to kill, so we spent it in Barnes & Nobles. I had to get a shot of me sitting in this little green chair. When I lived downtown I would go to Barnes & Nobles to get on the Internet. I always pulled this chair up to the window so I could also people watch!

That evening we met Anton & his mom, Lucie, at this restaurant called Parisi's. Annette & I would eat here almost every day when I worked for her. They have the best white pizza.
Anton is just so adorable. He looks the same, but different. He's so much taller and thinner. He also speaks a lot clearer. He's such a gifted kid. I am very blessed to know him.
He always loved to sing and still does. Lucie said that his music teacher was so amazed because he has a perfect singing pitch. I can't wait to see what Anton grows up to be!
Anton's Birthday is this week, so I brought his Birthday gift along with us. We had bought him 2 little finger puppets, a rooster and a lamb. The second gift was this really cool noise maker. He seemed to really enjoy that! I was glad he liked them:)

We decided to stop by their house for a bit. Chris is allergic to cats, so the visit had to be brief. It didn't help that there was a new cat in the house:) Chris survived though!

We played with Anton in his room. His room was filled with music and singing!

Before we headed back we enjoyed a cup of tea and the cheesecake we purchased from Parisi's. Anton began reading this book called "That's How Much I love You." Kerri & I both use to read this book to him. He has a very good memory, so he actually can recite some books. It's very impressive.

Chris snapped a couple of shots of me with Anton.
Saturday afternoon we headed to Red Rocks to meet up with Peggy. She did a fun "post" wedding shoot with us! I also did my internship with Peggy and worked for her when I lived here. She was also a good friend and mentor.

Peggy hopes to be a "rock star" photographer one day (which she basically is)! She's taken pictures of Ben Taylor (James Taylor's son). I told her if she ever has any connections with James to let me know:)

We also participated in Peggy's project called "One Million Faces" (please see my favorite links on the right to learn more!).

We stopped by a local breakfast joint in downtown Golden. It was nice hanging out with Peggy! Her energy just rubs off on you!

That night we met Scott, Steph, Eliana, & Jonas for dinner. It was really nice catching up with them and getting know baby Jonas. He's already full of character! Little Eliana as just grown so much since I last saw her. She was just a baby when I moved back to NC.

We didn't realize that it had snowed so much while we were eating. It was a slow drive back to Northglenn, but we made it safely!

That night we went with Sherri to see Cayla's fiance, Zach, perform at Madcap. The show was so funny! They all did a great job!

Sherri nominated Chris for the dating game!

These were his choices...

and the winner is...

Sunday I got to see some familiar faces at Church. After the service Chris & I and a few others from Church went to Golden Corral.

It was really nice to see Becca. Hopefully next time we'll have more time to spend together!

The Coleman Family. These guys are so great! I photographed little Ava when she was born! She has the softest blonde hair ever!
I love this photograph of Jackie & Anna Belle. They always look good:)

The kids playing in the snow!

He's such a handsome fellow!

Miss Anna Belle

That night Chris & I went to see "The Box." On the way home we stopped by Carl's Jr. to get fried zuchinni.

Monday was our last day. I tried to sneak a few shots of Squeak and Blaze, but they're not too good at the whole modeling thing.

I'm so glad I got to spend a little bit of time with Cayla and see her beautiful wedding dress! She is going to be a gorgous bride! I can't wait until her wedding in March!

My Colorado Mom...also Cayla's mom:) She is the mom to many!

Sherri & Randy...I am so blessed to know them!

We grabbed a bite to eat at the Denver airport before checking in and boarding.

Our adventure home did not just end in that night driving home to Chapel Hill. We actually had a very interesting experience. While boarding our flight in Dallas there was a lady, named Elaine, who had a meeting in Gastonia, NC, that night. Well, her travel agent sent her to Raleigh instead of Charlotte. Unfortunetely there was no flights to Charlotte from Dallas that she could take. Her option was to take the flight to Raleigh and try to figure out how to get to the Charlotte area. Elaine lives in Vancouever, Canada, and is originally from Taiwan. She has traveled in the US before, but had never delt with a situation like this. There was a very sweet lady at the airport that did all she could for Elaine, but Elaine was still stuck in Raleigh once we landed. She was going to have to pay around $500 for a taxi. Chris & I had nothing better to do but sleep, so we voleentered to drive her to Charlotte. Once our friends dropped us off at our car Elaine, Chris & myself headed to Charlotte! Elaine was a very amazing woman and I am so glad she came into our life! We now have an open invitation to Taiwan:) Once we dropped her off we decided to crash at a hotel, b/c we were too tired to drive back. Now we're just trying to get back on the east coast schedule!