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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

Chris & I both got to spend time with friends on Friday. Chris and his accountability group meet every Friday. All of the girls (Rebecca, Crystal, Lydia & Kayla) try to get together at least once a week, though this is not always an easy task! We spent some time at a little Coffee shop/cafe in Duke's Library. It's nice having good friends around here! I am very thankful that a majority of Chris' friends have wife's and fiances :) That night Chris & I went to the movies with a few from this group of people.
Saturday was another fun filled day of friends. Chris & I headed out to Matt & Kay's house, in Wilson, around 11am. I picked Kay up and we headed to our friend Justine & Wayne's house, in Grimesland. The boys headed out about an hour later to meet us there. We were having a girls day and the boys did there on thing. Of course Samuel, Justine & Wayne's cute son, hung out with both groups!

I made whoopie pies (it was from a kit Kay bought me) as our sweet treat on Saturday! Besides having a nice vegetarian lunch and eating whoopies we hung out, chatted, looked at Scrapbooks, talked about sewing ( I can't wait for my new pocketbook that Justine is making for me!), and such. Girl talk is fun :)

Samuel was so cute watching "Cars!" He doesn't look very comfortable in that first picture, but that's how he was watching the movie:) He would also curl up near mine and Kay's leg and would dig in the holes in my shoes!

The boys also had a fun filled day of searching for a sunken ship, going to game shops, and such!

The girls went down to this cute antique shop before they closed. I found some cute rustic numbers (22) for my business and a "2" stamp. They had a lot of cool stain glass windows and furniture there.

They had a lot of these figures around. There's actually a really large one behind this small one! I thought they were pretty cool, but I bet they could really freak some one out at night!

Kay, Justine & myself.
Chris & I left around 6:40 to head over to my sister-n-law and brother-n-law's house. We got to spend time with them and our sweet niece! Lee also made us delicious lasagna. I LOVED it, but Chris on the other hand did not. He doesn't eat cheese and they just forgot. I thought it was great though. Chris ordered Chinese food and all were happy! Hopefully we will get to hang out with them again sometime soon!
Good times, good weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

The snow began this past Friday night. We went to see Avitar with friends and it began snowing during the movie. Once we got home everything was covered with a nice layer of snow.

The next morning I took a few shots around the Church and on UNC's campus.

I really like this tree that is in the Church courtyard.

They have a memorial in the courtyard. Members of the Church have actually been cremated and buried there.

I like this angle of the steeple.

The rose bush is nothing but thorns right now, but when they are in bloom they are beautiful!

The backside of the Church.

And another view of the steeple...

I love berries in the snow :)

Chris finally woke up and we went on another little walk around campus. We had a little fun with these random rocks.

We did not make this little mini snowman, but I thought it was cute. It needs a face though!

Chris' new style :)

A cute little Robin bird. I love how fluffy he/she looks!

This is the same Robin bird drinking from the stream of water.

All of our shots together look like this, but that's okay :)

Chris spotted a Cardinal too!

One last shot before we headed back in. Chris didn't wear the right type of "hat" so his ears were hurting!!!

Brittany & Josh

They say that everybody has a connection when you live in a small town. This seems to be a fairly true statement. Brittany & I actually had a connection that we didn't even realize at first. When I met her for the first time I thought she looked very familiar. We finally figured out that she went with my old Church to a camp called "Crossroads." I probably could dig out a few old pictures of that trip, but I know I probably wouldn't want anyone seeing the ones of me so I won't do that to Brittany :)

I really did enjoy the time I spent with Brittany through the whole process. She is just such a sweet person! When I met Josh on the day of the wedding I realized that he also seemed to be just a really nice guy.

I'd like to share with you their story of how Josh proposed to Brittany:

"Josh put my ring in the Christmas tree. We get each other ornaments each year and he told me he put an ornament for me on the tree and that I needed to find it. I had trouble finding it so he helped. I took the ring off the tree and he got on one knee."

Josh, great job on being creative! I love to hear engagement stories! Brittany & Josh, thank you for letting me Photograph your BIG DAY!

Brittany is just such a pretty girl! She looked perfect on her wedding day!

I absolutely loved her dress. The details were gorgeous!

Brittany & I are both HUGE "I Love Lucy" fans! I couldn't resist getting a shot of her slippers :)

This is one of my favorite shots of Brittany.

Brittany received an unexpected surprise from Josh before the ceremony. He bought her a nice gift & wrote her a sweet card. Moments like this is part of what your wedding day should be all about!

Josh & his boys were a few doors down from the girls. I was glad I was able to snap a few shots of Josh & the guys getting ready.

Their ceremony was very beautiful.

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Boseman!

I snapped a few shots of the boys before the Ceremony. I love outdoor shots, so I was glad we were able to take a few minutes to sneak out before it was dark!

I love this moment between Josh & his daughter Kaylie.

Kaylie's hair is just so beautiful!

I also enjoyed getting to know Brittany's mom and sister a little better through the process of Brittany's Bridal Shoot & Wedding. They are a very cute family!

Brittany & her girls.

Couple Time!

I had a lot of fun at their reception! The dancing photo's were some of my favorite, so I'm posting quite a few!

These shots were actually at the end of the night before they headed out!

Their cake was very cute! I'll have to say that Brittany has the better taste in sport teams!

I can't quit saying how much I enjoy ring shots! I have so much fun with them :)

Their car was packed full of balloons. I'm not quite sure how they squeezed in there, but they managed! Their Wedding day turned out PERFECT for them! I wish you guys the best!