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Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Wedding Album

I am so happy to say that I finally finished designing our wedding album! Please come take a look at it on my website. Once you get there you'll click on client and the password is karenchris. I think I'm going to make the poppy's on the front cover carry over to the back. I think that would look cute! Note that the cover resembles my necklace and my bridesmaids necklaces! This will be printed as a 12 x 12 book. I can't wait to order it!


I have a really hard time finding a Camera bag that I truly like. All the "Professional" bags I have ever bought I have not been satisfied with. Over the last year and a half I have used this bright red bag I got from Budapest. It works great, but it still doesn't hold as much as I would like for it to hold. I also fear that if I keep using it, it will get a big hole in it. I've already found one little hole, which I think was from my knitting needles.

There are these "hip" Photography bags that Jessica Claire (Photographer) makes that I love, but I've come to realize that I just can't spend over $200 on a bag. Camera bags can be fairly expensive. I'm willing to spend around $100 if it's something that I know will hold everything I need it to hold. Well, I think I've found my match!

Check out this cute bag from Etsy ! I love the pattern and the fact that it is reversible! It has a lot of extra pockets that will hold all of my lenses and other equipment. The designer is willing to make longer adjustable straps and add a little extra padding for only a little extra expense! She said her sister was a Photographer and uses this bag also! The funny thing is I do always keep my eyes open for a good diaper bag. They seem to have the right amount of compartments for camera gear:) Hopefully when I get a little more income I will be able to purchase this cute bag!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Up?

I was inspired by my friend and fellow Photographer Christina yesterday. I went to Rocky Mount to visit her and she loaded me up with more ideas for my business!

One thing I hope to do MORE of in the future is designing and selling Christmas Cards! I enjoy making these for my Clients! If you are a Client and want Christmas Cards please let me know:) It's the time of year ALREADY! The Christmas Card pictured below is just a sample I made just for fun.

I designed and ordered Twenty Two Photo "Thank You" cards last night! I really want to keep my logo and style very clean and simple.


Lastly, I designed Labels for all of my packaging! I can't wait for these to arrive!

A few other items on my todo list are: create Moo Mini business Cards (www.moo.com), purchase this camera bag that I've been wanting for awhile, learn how to mount pictures in frames (Christina is going to teach me!), advertising in more local businesses, & try to go to free or affordable Photography classes so I can continue to learn and improve! I know there are many more items I could list, but this could go on for days!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zoo Day with Chris, Kerri & Nick

Chris & I got the opportunity to hang out with my good friend Kerri & her boyfriend Nick. I briefly met Nick at our wedding, but this was the first time we actually all hung out together. It was a really nice day and I enjoyed spending it at the Zoo with them. Kerri & I have many good memories in Asheboro & at the Zoo!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Visit with the Spivey's

Chris & I were so glad we got the opportunity to spend some time with Jess, Lee, Emma, & my mom-n-law recently! Jess, Lee, & Emma are home now and getting use to this new life! I wish we lived a little closer so we could visit with them more often! We're a very proud Aunt & Uncle:)

Sadie enjoyed the extra attention that day...

We bought Emma this cute little Superman shirt! She's still so little right now, so it may take a while for her to grow into it:)

I enjoyed my quality Emma time. She slept in my lap for at least 2 hours!

Kristi playing a little guitar hero with Chris.

Lee & Emma

Chato was also happy with the extra attention that day!

Chris is really good at guitar hero!

Jess & Emma

I love this shot!

I also like this shot of Kristi & Emma. Emma looks so comfy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead.

I figured I would at least leave my viewers with a few pictures before I head to Rocky Mount this weekend. I am going to Late Night with Roy (it's a UNC basketball thing:) ) tonight with family & friends. Then I am driving to Rocky Mount around 10pm. On Saturday I have a Bridal Shoot, which I am super excited about! That evening I am hanging out with my friends. Then on Sunday I am going to go to Church in RM and have lunch with my family before heading back to CH. On Sunday night I have a girls Book Study/Prayer group. It's a busy weekend to say the least:)
These shots are from my move to Colorado. Kevin, my brother, helped me move over there. We loaded up the explorer and a uhual as FULL as FULL can be! Thanks to Kevin's ability to drive and not fall asleep we were able to drive straight to Colorado without staying the night anywhere! I did help drive, but I wasn't able to go as much as he did! It was a long, but fun journey! He stayed there the whole week and helped me move in. We didn't fight until the last day, so I though that was pretty good!
Anyway, enjoy these few shots of a lot of nothing. I believe we were in Kansas:)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello Friends & Family,

I am so very excited to inform you that I just completed my BRAND NEW WEBSITE for TWENTY TWO PHOTO! This has been a project I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to work on it over the summer and FINALLY get it up and running! Some of you will see that YOU or a FAMILY MEMBER have made it to the site! I thought you would add a special touch ;) I hope that in the future I can add a few more of your faces! Please pass the word on to other family & friends that I would love to photograph their family too!

If you have any questions regarding my packages or if you want to book a Photo Shoot please send an email along to me (karen@twentytwophoto.com). Also, I'd love to hear your feedback on my site, so either way send me a message!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet Emma Marie

I had the amazing experience of being able to be apart of Emma's birth. No, I wasn't in the room while she was being born, I was in the waiting room with the rest of the family. There was still this feeling of excitement and anxiety that would not go away until we knew she had made it safely into this BIG world! It was a very long day. Chris & I had arrived around 10pm the day before. Jess was suppose to have the baby that night and then it was changed until the next morning. Emma was actually born yesterday evening around 5:30, so the doctor's were a little off on that one:)

Once she was born all of the family were allowed to go into the room and hold her before they took her to the Nursery. We had to wait to see Jess because she had to have an emergency C-Section and she was still recovering. We weren't suppose to take pictures of Emma in the Nursery, but I snuck a few in!

It was just such cool experience to watch Jess & Lee interact with Emma.

One of my favorite shots of the two of them.

It's so funny how much technology has changed. There was a point in time where they probably had to send telegrams to share the news of the birth of a child. These days moms just update their facebook page! As you can see Jess is taking a picture of Emma to share with the world on facebook. It's hard not to share with the world this beautiful creation when it can be so easily done these days!

The Spivey Family.

Daddy's turn!

I know for sure that Emma will be spoiled my Grandma Kristi:)

Uncle Chris looks so cute holding baby Emma! BUT there will be no baby in our near future (at least not on purpose!). We will gladly live through Jess & Lee for a while!


AND lastly....Aunt Karen! I'm so glad to be an aunt! I am already ready to see Emma again!