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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Food Experiments

It's fun to sometimes play around with creating food treats. I was craving peanut butter one night, so I made a grilled peanut butter sandwich. I put butter and cinnamon & sugar on the outside. It was pretty good, but it needs some tweaking. I believe I need to add something, but I'm just not sure what yet:)

Mini Me Camera

If you haven't met Tater yet, let me introduce her....

We had the great opportunity to help a friend out by taking Tater. She was not able to keep her any more and mom wanted a cat, so it worked out nicely:) Tater is precious, silly, loves her mice, soft, likes to play fetch, and very much SPOILED by mom!
Tater watching "The Office" with me!

If only Tater could help me with all the work I have to do....

I love her eyes:)

I shouldn't be blogging right now...BUT I am...

Amy made this really cool Engagement cake for Amanda's friend Sarah! Love it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snow Day!

Here is a slideshow of the "big" snow day we had in Rocky Mount! It was nice having a "snow day" from work:)


Please remember to turn on the captions on the slideshow....

Asheboro with Kerri

Since Kerri thinks I forgot about her....:)

Here is a slideshow of the day I spent in Asheboro a couple months ago with Kerri! We had a great time revisiting some of our favorite spots! Maybe next time we'll make it to the zoo!!!

Please check out the slideshow by clicking here are above:) Also, remember to turn on the captions!Text Color

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding Countdown: 20 days

Things are very much CRAZY right now! Chris & I are 20 days away from our wedding day. My nerves and emotions are all over the place! This is my last week of work, so I’m happy to have 2 weeks before the wedding to get more accomplished. I am shooting a wedding & a Engagement shoot b/t now and our wedding! Actually, I should say I’m shooting my FIRST wedding & Engagement shoot ALONE!!! Wish me luck…or maybe I just need prayers!

I know you wish I would just hurry up and update with actual pictures! I will have to apologize, b/c it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen b/t now and the wedding (you never know though, I may surprise you!). Here are some fun events you have to one day look forward to viewing (in no particular order):

Snow day in RM
Kay’s bday
Bachelorette weekend
Amanda/snowboarding weekend
Lingerie Shower
Work Shower
Tater pics (if you don’t know my mom has a cat now…she’s precious!)
Recipe Shower
Pinewood Derby @ Chris’ Church
Easter weekend (play/Easter egg hunt)
UNC National Championship game (game…yes I took pics of the screen…and Franklin St)
UNC Seniors in Wilson (this event will occur Wednesday)
Facial party
And whatever else my brain can’t remember (I’m positive there is more!)

I have this thing called OCD. I like things to be organized and I like to complete my to-do-list (or some days it causes me to just have anxiety). Sadly, my life hasn’t quite been that way lately (even though I’m trying). Weddings are stressful alone, but I’m still dealing with the loss of my dad (who’s anniversary is on April 25th), my mema Robbins, and my papa. On a normal day I can be emotional, but pile on all of this and it’s def. an emotional overload! I’m moving to Chapel Hill too! Whew, I’m out of breath just thinking about all of this!