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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend Trip to Valle Crucis

I bugged Chris to ask his friend/mentor, Dr. Lolley, to let us stay up at his mountain house for a weekend. Dr. Lolley had already told Chris that we could go up there when we wanted to. We finally set a date and invited his sis, Jess, and her husband, Lee.

Chris didn't give me a lot of details about the cabin. I didn't expect it to be as old as it is. It dates back to the 1800's. It use to be located in Va before the previous owner moved it down to NC. It's definitely got that old smell/feel. I loved all of the little nicknack's and decor! It was very country and quaint!!! Despite a couple of scary moments we had a great weekend!

Cute toy and cute dog...

I made French Toast for breakfast on Saturday morning...

Yellow's & Green's

Chris found these pretty sweet trees!

This General Store has been around the corner and back...it's got some history! There are actually two stores. The image on the top left is the original store and the one on the top right is the newer of the two. They are both really fun stores. I'd say if you're a candy lover go to the newer store:)

Chris doesn't like his picture being taken, but I think he looks cute:)

Chris and Jess love some Big Red!

I gave it a shot too. It was pretty good. I have this feeling it would be really good with a bag of salty potato chips!

Chris bought one of those trick kaleidoscope at the general store and Jess definitely fell for it. We could barely keep from laughing. I couldn't let Jess go on with two rings around her eyes, so I spilled the beans.

We ate dinner at the Daniel Boone Inn. It's basically all you can eat Southern style!

Jess kicked some Putt Putt butt. The course was so hilly that it was really really hard to play on!

Begging for his mommy...

We stopped and grabbed a burger (chicken sandwich for me) before we headed home.

Hopefully we will get to spend more time with Jess and Lee in the future. I wish our weekend could have lasted a few days more!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Warrenton, NC

I had the great opportunity to work with Wren, who like Chris, is in school at Duke Divinity. She is a friend of a friend of ours. Wren had this project that she was working on for school and I was lucky enough to take part.

Wren held Bible studies in this small rural town in Warrenton, NC. She brought different groups of people together to worship and be one in the body of Christ. It goes into a lot more details then that, but that is a small part of what her goal was.

All Saints is the Church where the Bible Studies were held. Small Church's always strike an interest in me.

Local Farmers...

One of the Family's had this really amazing old farm house and a lot of cool farm animals. They do not live in the farm house, but have a nice little house on top of the hill.

Summertime makes me wish that I liked Watermelon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm excited about something I'm FINALLY working on:) That's all....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last one for the night...

I don't know that I've truly taken the time to thank everyone that was (and is still) there for me when my dad passed away. We recieved so many cards and beautiful plants and flowers. I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to tell each and everyone of you in person, but it means a lot to me.

These are just a couple of the flowers that we had around the house! I love having fresh flowers and plants.