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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Benjamin Vineyards

Chris and I went to a Vineyard that was near by. We try to find FREE things to do in this area. It was a beautiful day so we really enjoyed the time we got to spend together. We also discovered a cool park/campground nearby that we hope to make a trip to one weekend!

Our tour guide did a great job! He was pretty new, but seemed to know a lot. There was only one other couple and their son there, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

The grapes, as you can see, are not quite ready to pick. Hopefully we can return when they are:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lee's Birthday

We celebrated Lee's Birthday and Father's Day in Chapel Hill. Chris' family came up here to see our place and we spent the day together. Chris bought a cake that had different flavors! It worked out great, b/c we all pretty much liked one of them:)

Cakes, Cakes, & Plenty of Cake!

Our Church threw us a Wedding Shower about a month ago. Life happened and we kept having to postpone the shower until after the wedding. One thing I learned is the women in this Church like to make some cakes:)

Grace Marie

What can I say, my cousin is all grown up! She use to be little and think I was cool:) Hopefully I still have a little coolness left. Regardless, I think she's cool! She has been my model since I started the Photography program at RCC. I take any moment she'll let me photograph her. We had a lot of fun roaming around downtown Raleigh one Sunday afternoon. Grace is just plan AWESOME!

Twenty Two Photo: Baby & Family Shoot: Baby Seraph

I was so excited when Jennifer sent me a message on facebook requesting me to take photo's of baby Seraph! Jennifer and me went to the same Church as teenagers and we also went to the same High School until I switched school's. It was so nice to see her again and meet her husband Ryan. Baby Seraph was so sweet and adorable! I absolutely loved his hair:) Hopefully I will get to see more of Seraph (and of course his parents too!) in the future!

I love the interaction b/t mother and son....so sweet!

Their kitty would liked to be in the shots too!

Look at that BIG smile!!

Seraph's room was amazing! Jennifer worked really hard while pregnant with this little guy. I know you may be thinking that's wallpaper, but Jennifer actually hand painted it all! I couldn't believe it at first! She did a wonderful job! I would hire her:)

Family moments...

One of my favorite family shots!

Jennifer's sister has been hanging out and watching after little Seraph. I believe she was also there so Jennifer wouldn't get too bored!