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Monday, April 5, 2010

The combo on life...

I haven't had much motivation to write blogs lately. I usually will just post pictures here and there on facebook. Here is a basic summary (not in any type of order) to fill in my life in the last couple of months (give or take some moments, which I still may share):

1. Visit with my friend Kerri in King, NC. We went to Pilot Mountain and took a little walk for a bit. We also did a few other things that aren't pictured like the antique store, mall, cookout, watched a movie, and just hung out :)

We also enjoyed this HUGE pizza together!

If I'm not mistaken this was a flour mill. It's this really cool building with shops now. They also have local artist that work here!

2. When Chris & I went to Asheville he was inspired by all of the walking sticks, so he decided to make his own! Now he has a little piece of Chapel Hill to take with him on our next life adventure! I am very proud of him for his hard work that he put into this! It's pretty awesome!

3. Karen Wiggs married this kid name Garrett. I still don't really know him, but if the Wiggs family likes him he must be a good kid :) I didn't take many pictures, b/c I usually just let the photographer do their thing. I do hate I didn't get a picture of our good friends Tommy, Jeanne, & Kristen!
Karen was a beautiful bride...

I was also glad I got to spend a little time with some of my girls!

Of course I was happy that Chris was there with me:)

4. We celebrated Kay, Delight, and my birthday a few weeks back. The day started with Amy & Kay coming up. We went for a walk around Chapel Hill. I took them to this huge tire swing that is nearby!

Amy & Kay at the Forest Theater. This is such a fun place to see a play. I'd recommend the puppet show that comes here at least once a year.

Our walking adventure took us to the castle! This is a fun little walk :)

We met Delight & Maria at the mall for our B-day dinner! All around it was a great time with friends! I won't discuss our b-day dessert ;)

5. Chris & I went for a Sunday stroll on Franklin Street. It's very very rare that we are home on a Sunday afternoon. Chris & I explored and went to this cute little park area. There were so many clovers around that I couldn't resist to look for a four leaf clover! Chris thought I was crazy until I found one! He has never found one, which I thought was crazy! Too bad my wish didn't come true!

Chris being CHRIS! :) That's my husband!

PS: This is for you, Kerri! :)


menorarose said...

what's the PS for me, for?

...nicholas smokes a PIPE too!...and he's been wanting to make a walking stick too, how strange!...

Twenty Two Photo said...

B/c you asked me about the pictures from my visit!

Tell Nick he should make a walking stick. Chris has had a fun experience with his! :)